Sunday, January 31, 2010

V1.1.0 Release

New feature:
Docklauncher now supports the car dock.

Known issue: The icon in the notification area, will always bring you to the navigation program. This is build in to the OS at least on the Verizon phone and ther eis no way around it at this time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

DockLauncher v1.0.1 Update

v1.0.0 is a small update to address a bug that was found.

A bug where some applications cause the selection app listing to "Force Close"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

DockLauncher v1.0 Released

A utiliity application to launch any installed application as the default app when phone is placed in the multimedia dock. Built for and tested on Motorola Droid only. (Android 2.0)

To Download:
Scan with Bar Code Scanner on phone:

Trial (Expires 12/14/2009):

Full Version:


Search Market for "DockLauncher"

To Install:

1. Download and install from the Android Market.
2. Dock your Motorola Droid.
3. You will be prompted for the application to run when docked. Check the "set as default" option and select "DockLauncher" from list.
4. You will then be prompted by DockLauncher to select the application you want to run when the phone is docked. Make a selection.
5. The application will then start.

To Change the application to launch:
1. Open the DockLauncher app from the Laucher Menu or home screen.
2. Select a new app.
3. Next time you dock your Droid it will start the new app.

USB Power Monitoring is not enabled as of yet, to keep the phone awake enable the option:
Settings>Applications>Development>Stay Awake